About Cathouses.biz

Coyote Safe Cat Houses 

Let me share with you the heartfelt reason behind the designing and building of our cat houses. Have you ever experienced the gut-wrenching loss of your furry family member to a predator? Picture your beloved cat in the yard, playfully exploring, only to find itself in a frightening chase with a dog or coyote. With one of our Coyote Safe Cat Houses nearby, that terrifying scenario transforms into a tale of safety and sanctuary. Inside, our shelters include multiple levels, ensuring that no predator can breach their defenses, allowing your furry friend to seek shelter, out of harm's way.

Drawing upon my 30+ year long journey as a home builder and remodeler across California and Arizona, I've lovingly enhanced four beloved cat house designs from overseas. I've taken the top 4 best selling cat houses from overseas and I've made them larger, sturdier, and, most importantly, safer. My mission is simple and with passion: to protect our precious furry companions from the perils posed by coyotes and aggressive dogs.

While we offer just four distinct cat home designs, each one is infused with care and crafted with the safety and comfort of your pets in mind. Before our modifications, these best selling cat houses, though quaint, lacked the quality and security needed to truly shelter our beloved pets on top of being flimsy, brittle and usually arriving in broken pieces. I hope you enjoy and love what we have built and we know your furry loved one will too.